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Industrial Hardcore Lovers Attention!

2009-09-11 03:43:41 by SonSukka

My newest songs can be found here:
Also in youtube:

And incase if you like experimental industrial metal:

Regards, from Finland!
- Smiley


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2009-11-07 21:58:14

Ahaha, crazy to find you on Newgrounds.

I like joor Soldat maps :D

SonSukka responds:

small world, nice to see you too whoever you are


2010-06-21 07:35:50

Make easy money for free using Easy Vouch and donate it to Newgrounds so we can get the front page back to the way it used to be.

SonSukka responds:

Ok, I will! Thank for your kind advice and comment I fucking love you.


2010-06-24 03:58:58

Aha so you have a song website! I will go on there...