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Verikuherrus is OUT!

2011-02-26 23:36:45 by SonSukka

Verikuherrus is a romantic accumulation of experimental speedcore with a little touch of darkcore, breakcore, industrial, jazz and classical here and there. Every vocal you hear here is original. No mashups, no movie speeches, no easy way outs. Some credit of the female moans in the intro actually goes to my auntie who made those cute noises while I pummeled her privates with my inexpressive, relentless and solid willy. No, I did not really do my auntie, but some old wench it was anyways. The cover art by the way is damn as well original, so no stealing unless you have a some sort of stimulating death wish. And as always, this release is dedicated to poor people thus is completely free. This is not business I'm doing here, it's 100% donation to your pathetic selfs that sway and roam in the mist of frustation, depression, shame, lack of self-awareness, ambition, incognito body parts and unrequited love. But ofcourse, I'm always open for donations as we know the saying; "No money, no honey, no funny". Sharing this work is allowed as long as you get my fucking name right and volunteer working in the outdoor breast implants clinic which I set up in my backyard just about yesterday. I'm super serious about the second condition. Enjoy.

#1 - Red Carpet (1:22)
#2 - Under Eternal Glower (5:47)
#3 - Kuolleiden Ystävä (5:45)
#4 - Pupujussi (5:10)
#5 - Canvas of Nymphomania (5:18)

Label: Lolokaust
Catalog#: SMILE002
Format: 5 x File, MP3, 320 Kbps
Country: Finland
Released: 26.2.2011
Genre: Electronic
Style: Speedcore, Miscellaneous


Pigture Album is OUT!!

2010-09-14 18:01:50 by SonSukka

Artist: Smilecythe
Album: Pigture Album
Release date: 14.9.2010
Genre: Industrial Speedcore
Label: Lolokaust

The paradise of mistreatment, the grayscale cyberhell. Blood steam to inhale, you yourself to eat. The place where everything from bloodthirsty beasts to children and women are your rivals, the place where apocalypse happens every day and the harem of murder and rape, Pigture Album.

The long period of work has finally paid off! Pigture Album contains several kinds of speedcore: soft, hard, something between and something completely uncomprehendable. BPM's are between 300-900, original vocals from toes to head, mixed with real drumkits and organic noise, as well covered with original cover art. Downloading is free, please yourselves with this quantum fuck of darkness and despair.

Download the Album from here: tm

Pigture Album is OUT!!

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2009-12-03 03:07:16 by SonSukka

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